Thursday, March 15, 2012

what's in my cup....

So many drinks and so little time. 
For some reason though the variations are endless, each one has its season in my life.
Right now I am in an Americanized Macchiato mode.
A cup seasoned with cinnamon and nutmeg along with a little organic sugar 3 shots of espresso and some frothy milk marking the espresso and perhaps more than marking, latte-esque-ness, in a typical North American milk loving fashion.
A strong coffee flavour softened with milk, a hint of sweetness and spice, perfect for one of those, "I need a hug" kind of mornings".

What's in your cups, friends?
Happy Wednesday!!


outbound malang said...

may god always give the best to you .. :)

anna said...

Sounds good :)! In my cup is a plain black coffee, wich puts me in the working mood (wich I really need to tackle my to do list)